Bitcoin to $300k+!!!

Bitcoin is poised to launch above $300k THIS YEAR. Why? How??

The USD is broken. Smart people don’t save in $$$, they put their money into Real Estate and Stocks. But the problem is that the money is being inflated and losing it’s value. So the money flows into these other assets to preserve the buying power. This makes it incredibly hard for a normal person to make a living and buy a house.

What Bitcoin does is provide a highly liquid asset that can be exchanged for currency/goods worldwide, while still holding and increasing its buying power. The fundamentals are the same that provide Gold with it’s value: Scarcity. Only with Bitcoin, no nation can confiscate it for reserve and issue a currency against it (only to separate off of the gold standard).

Within this decade, with a good money like Bitcoin, its adoption will reprice everything. House prices will go way down, the stock market will go way down, goods and services will go way down in price. Technology helps create cheaper, more efficient products. The only reason prices are increasing is because of inflation. And the only way out that I can see is to fix the money. This will help the poor people save and preserve buying power, because right now they are being robbed. The only difference between the Fed printing money and counterfeiters printing money is that one has a police and military force behind them, and the other doesn’t.

Energy cannot be created or destroyed, but it can be transferred. Money is Energy earned by YOU working. Hopefully Bitcoin can provide enough incentive for everybody to benefit until the world is repriced in Satoshis (Bitcoin’s smallest unit). Adoption is only at less than 1%. You are still way, way early. This correction will be a healthy worldwide correction and will benefit our children, our grandchildren and beyond.

Change your mindset from “How many dollars have I saved?” to “How many Satoshis have I saved?” It is just better, harder, faster money.

I used Gemini, CashApp, Swan Bitcoin, Strike, and Fold Card to stack Sats (Satoshis).

If you think Bitcoin is too slow. The current financial system is hilariously slow where final settlement can range from days to months. Bitcoin can settle as quickly as 10 minutes. All the other payment layers on top of the system like Paypal, Swift, Zelle, Credit/Debit Cards are NOT final settlement. They are built on top of this antiquated system.

Bitcoin has a Lightning Network being built on top of it that is able to scale almost infintely and handles transactions instantly. Instantly, meaning across the world instantly. Across banks instantly. Across people and businesses instantly. So while Bitcoin’s base layer isn’t “fast enough”, that’s okay. It holds the value of $1 Trillion. So I’d rather Lightening Network experiment and fail here and there than the base layer to fail. But for the record, I have had 0 issues so far using the Lightening Network. It is only a matter of time in my opinion.

Published by Michael Aaron Kelly

I am a Software Developer currently working in the Financial space. I have a wonderful family with a wife and 2 silly daughters. And my interests include gaming (Call of Duty and Rocket League), investing, thinking (like the staring into space kind), and self-development.

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