NESARA: Conspiracy Theory or New World Order? (2020)

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What is NESARA?

NESARA stands for the National Economic Security and Recovery Act. Introduced in the 1990s by a PhD in Systems Philosophy, Harvey Francis Barnard saw it as a way to get rid of inflation and income tax to promote a more stable economy. Barnard wrote a book Draining the Swamp: Monetary and Fiscal Policy Reform that’s now out of print. It was first published in 1996, and a second edition came out in 2005. He only ever distributed 1,000 copies. NESARA never actually made it to a vote in Congress, yet he sent almost all the copies to congressmen at the time.

Other highly rated books about NESARA exist on Amazon by David E. Robinson here and here. It expounds on the story that NESARA came about from prior movements trying to bridge the wealth gap between the rich and poor. However, it seems like society has gone in the total opposite direction in recent years.

Potential Use Case for NESARA

NESARA and Bitcoin

Since the rise of Bitcoin over 10 years ago as a potential Global Currency Reset, there seems to be a use case here for Barnard’s NESARA. And Bitcoin exists as an asset that is inflation proof, not tied to a single country. It is also finite, since there will only be 21 million Bitcoins ever produced. Over 18.5 million are currently in circulation, and it is estimated it will take over 120 more years for the remaining 2.5 million to be mined. Other Cryptocurrencies, namely Monero and ZCash, provide privacy for transactions. Users’ account balances can be fully private because of this. This would keep government out of income even further!

As our world becomes more intertwined, the digitization of money is becoming increasingly more important. Along with Digital Security. I would advise hedging against the current 2-3% inflation rate that the US Government has normalized. You need to consider buying Bitcoin because of these facts. But gold and real estate can also hedge against inflation.


Out of this restoration process came the Prosperity Programs, the Farmer Claims, and finally NESARA. The children of the wealthy families on our planet became concerned about the future of our civilization, when they observed the poverty, disease, starvation and suffering of the masses… One hundred of these wealthy children, who came to be known as “wealthy visionaries”, put one million dollars each, of their money, into investment programs in the 1980’s called “roll programs” to generate funds to be used for humanitarian purposes… Also, during the 1970’s and 1980’s many U.S. farmers were losing their land, machinery, buildings, and cattle due to fraudulent foreclosures by the Federal Reserve Banks, in cooperation with the IRS. Many farmers joined forces and brought a class action lawsuit against the U.S. Government, the non-federal Federal Reserve Bank, and the IRS, for fraud against the farmers.

David E. Robinson, Nesara: National Economic Security and Reformation Act

What Could Go Wrong?

NESARA and US Government

Those in power like to stay in power. So naturally if a government doesn’t have a means to print more money, they lose power to fund campaigns such as research, education, war, inequality, and so forth. I think Dr. Barnard might have seen that the current global regime of the US Dollar would be unsustainable at some point. But suffice it to say, the masses keep going along with the government’s money game. Who REALLY has more to lose?

Make no mistake, owning the US Dollar is your pledge of loyalty to America. If you own much Yen, you are loyal to Japan. If you own many Pesos, you are loyal to Mexico. And for the first time in history, you are able to easily use a currency worldwide. Much like Gold, Bitcoin has value worldwide. Bitcoin is also digital. And while Gold mines produce Gold through physical means, computer processing power mines Bitcoin. It is decentralized, effective, secure, and always accessible!

Discrediting Ties

Conspiracy theories that exist involve the 9/11 twin tower attacks, as well as suppression by George W. Bush, and later secretly signed by President Bill Clinton. They seem to be associated with QAnon, which has been under intense scrutiny as of late. I don’t completely count these ties out, but I would have to see some hard evidence to believe it at all. There are no shortage of Government conspiracy theories!

**The above references an opinion and is for information purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice.

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